Nutraceutical Labels


Competitive Nutraceutical Market

Nutraceutical products – nutritional products that act as medicines – have become a highly competitive market as more consumers are turning to natural alternatives over traditional medicine. Durable, high quality materials should be used if you want your nutraceutical labels to be legible in all kinds of environments and withstand constant handling. Your customer service representative can help you pick the right combination of label materials, inks, adhesives and finishes so your custom labels look good and properly adhere to the container.

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Since I was under a time constraint, which is how a lot of my printing projects go, I really appreciated the quick responses I received. - April B., Quicklogic Corporation


Printing FDA Compliant Labels

When you place an order with us, our expert staff will give your nutraceutical labels the time and attention they deserve. The term “nutraceutical” is not currently in U.S. law but depending on the product’s ingredients, and the claims with which it is marketed, nutraceutical products are still required to comply with FDA regulations. The nature of your product will help determine whether it should be classified as a drug, food, food ingredient or dietary supplement.

Our experience has helped us develop internal processes to meet FDA requirements and other standards for quality so you can rest assured that your nutraceutical labels will come out crisply printed.


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