Medical Labels

medical label for powder

Guidelines for Medical Labels

Printing custom labels right the first time is especially important for medical products because they must meet stringent FDA guidelines before it can be legally distributed in the U.S. Similar to labels created for pharmaceutical products, medical labels must be durable enough to withstand constant handling so it can stick to the product or surface for a long time.

Crisp Text and Graphics

The best custom medical labels are made from high quality label stocks, inks, adhesives, finishes and more. To help ensure your label remains legible, our digital and flexographic printing presses have up to 10 and 12 color printing capabilities which allows for greater range of colors.

For information on labeling guidelines for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, please click here.

Frankly I’m a bit amazed that you give such fine service for individuals as you do for the commercial market.- Stu K.

medical label for test strips

Attention Grabbing Medical Labels

A unique shape can add visual interest to your label’s design making it easier for consumers and medical professionals to spot your product. We have over 2000 custom die shapes for you to choose from, and can make a custom die for you. A problem we’ve seen our customers encounter is that there isn’t enough space on one label to include additional statements. A great solution for including extra information is multi-layer labels – also known as booklet labels and expanded content labels.


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