Honey Labels



Awaken Senses with Custom Honey Labels

Whatever flavor or ingredients your honey product has, our materials and printing techniques can produce custom honey labels that speak to consumers and tempt taste buds. We can print labels that stick well and enhance your product’s packaging whether it’s a glass jar, clear plastic container or squeezable bottle. Labels that are printed for honey products need the right selection of materials to capture the brand’s personality and achieve a successful label application.

Check out the story behind Hope Stone, Inc.’s honey labels!

I couldn’t have been happier with the labels, and everyone including the honey harvester filling the jars commented on how great the labels were…I am grateful for your help and appreciate such great customer service. - Amy R., Hope Stone, Inc.

Beautiful Labels for All Honey Types

According to the National Honey Board (a federal board under USDA oversight), there are over 300 unique types of honey available in the United States. Custom, full-colored labels are a great way to show off your honey’s characteristics so it’s more appealing to new and returning customers. Below are some things you can do with your honey labels so they’re more likely to stand out:

  • The label materials you choose have a big impact on how your honey labels are perceived. Foil labels can catch shoppers’ attention with its reflective, shiny quality whether the whole label is foil or there is a foil accent as part of the design.
  • Another popular material choice is clear labels because it can give an elegant “no label” look to the packaging while allowing consumers to see the product.
  • Your honey label’s design is one of the first things shoppers will notice about your product. We can print multiple variations of any single color, spot colors, specialized inks, white underprinting, two-sided printing or laminate finishes so your label’s design can make a great first impression.

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