Jar Labels


Custom Jar Labels for Any Market

We print all sorts of custom labels for jars because many of our customers use them to package their product. Jar labels are often applied to food products so its important to consider the environment where your labels will be primarily used. Our combination of materials and printing techniques will help you achieve the perfect look.

Need help with your design? Check out our tips for how to customize jar labels for beautiful packaging.

I compared with two other label companies before ordering, including a previous employer.  Consolidated Label blew everyone away with the prompt responses and ease of ordering.  - Susan D., Principle Business Enterprises



Label Material Suggestions

There are a multitude of materials you can choose from, and depending on your project, you should have several options available that will work with your design, budget, product contents and label application method. Below are some suggestions for label materials you can consider:

  • Glossy white paper is a common material for jar labels because it’s a cost-effective material that holds ink well and can protect against product contents with the use of a laminate finish. We also offer matte paper that is pretty much the same as white glossy except that it has a duller appearance – a good choice if you want your jar labels to look more natural.
  • Clear jar labels are often used to elevate packaging because it can achieve a “no label look” and works well for candles, lotions, sauces, jams and honey. The clear film also allows consumers to see product contents while at the same time protecting the printed image from exposure to moisture, condensation, heat and product contents.
  • Looking for something that stands out? Foil film and metalized silver paper have eye-catching sheen, and when paired with a unique shape and creative design, can create a label look that’s one-of-a-kind. Another option you can consider is cold-foil stamping, a process that prints a metallic accent to labels (regardless if they’re paper or film).

Jar labels can be customized in a number of ways, and having a plan and well-constructed design before you place an order can end up saving you time and resources in the long run. That’s because your dedicated customer service rep will be better able to help you with choosing a cutting die and complementary materials so your jar labels come out beautiful and enhance the product’s packaging.


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