Soap Labels

custom soap labels

Make Packaging Appealing with Custom Soap Labels

Your soap, whether hand or machine made, is a labor of love…just like our soap labels. When it comes to custom label printing, we offer a multitude of options for you to choose from so your bar soap or shower gel labels appeal to as many customers as possible. Our label expertise and quality guarantee are always here for you because we understand the importance of having great looking labels for getting your product and brand out there.

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I can’t wait to have another job to work on with you guys. I was very impressed with the accuracy and quality of the product and the customer service. Everything exceeded my expectations. - Jeanine D., Nine Creations

Customization Options to Consider

From materials to printing techniques, there are a lot of way to customize soap, face wash and shower gel labels to achieve beautiful results. Below are some popular label options we often see in the bath and beauty market that may interest you.

  • Shiny/metallic materials: There are several things we can do with label materials so your soap labels make a lasting impression. For instance, foil labels and cold-foil stamping can attract customers’ attention with reflective metallic elements; you can also go with holographic labels if you’re looking for a fun, multi-dimensional shine.
  • Clear film: Perfect for soaps packaged in transparent bottles, custom clear labels can create an elegant “no label” look so the design and product contents are the main focus. Clear labels also work well in moisture-heavy environments since the transparent film material is waterproof.
  • Finishes: We offer many types of finishes to achieve different objectives whether it’s to add an extra layer of protection against artwork damage, or make your custom labels more visually interesting. Check out our article on choosing the right label finish so you can see how they can work for your soap labels.

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