Candle Labels


Entice Aroma Lovers with Custom Candle Labels

Your candle’s scent isn’t the only thing that should be appealing…custom labels are a great way to capture your brand’s identity so your product can be memorable and attractive to consumers. Printing labels for candles is different from other types of bath and beauty labels because they have to withstand fluctuating temperatures. We can help you choose the right material and adhesive so your label looks great throughout the product’s lifespan.

New to labels? We can help! Check out our article on how to get started with custom candle labels.

Frankly I’m a bit amazed that you give such fine service for individuals as you do for the commercial market. - Stu K.



Adding Shelf Appeal to Candle Packaging

Candle labels are often applied directly to jars, tins and wrapping papers which can give you quite a bit of creative freedom with the design. However, labeling issues can occur with candle products because some scents can cause label discoloration. Your dedicated customer service representative can help you choose the right combination of materials for durable, beautiful candle labels.


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