Bath & Beauty labels

We’ve printed all kinds of bath and beauty labels from cosmetics tosunscreens – and practically everything in between. We care about the quality of your custom labels which is why we offer different materials and printing techniques so your product can shine.

Humid environments (like showers and bathrooms) can make labels deteriorate at a faster rate depending on the materials used. We carryweatherproof label materials that can help bath and beauty labels look good for a longer period of time without easily fading, bleeding or smudging.
A couple ways you can enhance your bath and beauty label’s design is with texture and color. We have a variety of materials ready for you to choose from – and if we don’t have what you need, we’ll be happy to order it for you.

Our digital and flexographic printing presses can print labels that pop with color and eye catching artwork.
Attract consumers with clear labels that allow the product or its contents to be seen through parts of the design. Clear labels can also give a “no-label look” so the product becomes more of the focus.
Identifying unique product benefits or specialty ingredients (like organic oils, fruit extracts, etc.) can make your product more appealing to consumers because organic and natural ingredients are a major trend in the bath and beauty market.


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