Oval Labels

custom oval labels

Attractive Oval Labels for Any Project

Take your labeling project to the next level with custom oval labels that make your products, marketing collateral or mail correspondence appear higher end while boosting your brand’s appeal. Whether you’re considering oval labels for your food product or next promotion, we have the materials and expertise to achieve the label look you want.

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Frankly I’m a bit amazed that you give such fine service for individuals as you do for the commercial market. - Stu K.

Creative Ideas to Consider

You don’t have to be a professional designer to achieve beautiful oval labels. There are a lot of things you can do with materials to improve your labels’ appeal while improving your brand’s memorability. Get your creative juices flowing with these ideas:

  • Metallic/Foil: There are several ways oval labels can incorporate metallic elements. One way is to print on foil film or metalized silver paper which gives the most metallic coverage and can be seen from a farther distance. Cold foil stamping is another option that is best suited for smaller detail accents like attracting attention to logos and graphics.
  • Spot color inksFull color printing is typically achieved through 4 color process inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and “key” black). However, we also offer spot color inks to achieve consistent color printing, as well as specific Pantone colors that can be challenging to print with only 4 color process inks. Spot colors are a great way to make your labels’ colors pop!
  • Finishes: We often recommend using a finish on custom labels because it can help protect label artwork and add visual interest. From gloss and matte laminates to UV coatings, we offer different types of finishes to suit a variety of projects.      

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