Pressure sensitive Labels


A Variety of Label Options

Custom pressure sensitive labels are one of our most requested products because of its wide range of uses, durable construction and easy application.  Also called self-adhesive or adhesive-backed labels, a pressure sensitive (PS) label is applied with light pressure and can adhere to most surfaces and containers. PS labels can handle a multitude of applications because they work with a variety of label stocks like papers, films and foils.

Popular Markets for Pressure Sensitive Labels

  • Food & Beverage – From juice to sauces, we’ve printed PS labels for well-known food and beverage brands as well as small and startup businesses looking for professional, affordable labeling solutions.
  • Household – PS labels can stand up to tough conditions like constant handling and harsh chemicals. We carry weatherproof label materials and strong adhesives so you can rest assured that your labels won’t peel, tear, yellow or crack. Find out how to get started with weatherproof labels to see if these labels are right for you.
  • Health – We’ve built our internal processes to comply with FDA regulations and other standards for quality so your PS labels are legible and properly adhere to your pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or vitamin product.

I love the labels. Best quality I’ve ever seen. I will be using you guys for all of my work.  - Jason H., Panther Sport Nutrition


Applying Pressure Sensitive Labels

Are you concerned about labeling a squeezable or contoured container? We only use the highest quality of adhesives to better ensure your PS labels perform optimally through application and use. There are two ways to apply PS labels – by hand or machine. Depending on your labeling needs and resources, there are benefits and drawbacks to both methods. To learn more about machine application and equipment, please visit our collection of label articles to view our tips for buying labeling equipment.


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