Matte White Labels

custom matte labels

Why Choose Matte White Labels?

Custom matte white labels offer a more subtle look while still maintaining a high quality, full color finish. These labels are a great choice for many label buyers since they can be printed in any style; they’re also relatively inexpensiveness making it suitable for big or small label projects.

Flexibility With Design

Matte white labels can display vivid colors and sharp text so your product looks professional. Due to the material’s versatility, matte white labels are the perfect canvas to show off beautiful artwork.

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clear matte label

Looking for Clear Matte Labels?

Many products in the bath and beauty market use clear matte labels because the material protects against creamy and runny product contents typical of soaps, lotions and cosmetics. Not only that, clear matte labels can be used to enhance packaging since they can create a seamless “no label” look when paired with matte finish bottles/containers.

Achieve Natural-Looking Packaging

Matte labels’ appearance is more flat than regular labels (which tend to be more glossy) – but that doesn’t mean they’re boring! Clear and white matte labels are effective for achieving a natural, down-to-earth look which is popular for many products, especially those that are “organic” and “natural.” Here are some other markets that often use matte labels: food, beverage and health.


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